Wrong Use of Background Check for Employment

Were you denied employment due to bad credit shown on your background check? You’re not alone. Many job applicants are in your same shoes. And many times, your prospective employer isn’t following proper disclosures and procedures. Here we share what those procedures are under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA, so you can decide if you or someone you know has been improperly denied employment.

Know Background Check Laws

Many employers continue to violate background check laws established under FCRA. Here they are:

1) Employers must disclose to you, as a job applicant that a background report may be processed for employment consideration purposes. And, before doing so, they must obtain a signed authorization from you (the job applicant) before obtaining a background report for employment. Were you given this disclosure?

2) The FCRA law also requires employers provide to you a copy of the background report along with a summary of your rights under the FCRA before taking any action. Action may include not hiring you simply because of this report. Did you receive a copy?

3) If your prospective employer does take action based on your background report, they must give you a written notice of the action. Further, they must provide you with specific information as to the consumer reporting agency that provided the background report in the first place. Did you receive this notice before being denied employment?

If a prospective employer failed to follow these steps as far as your background check for employment, please contact us. These procedures were established to protect and respect your rights as a prospective employee. Our attorneys are here for you. Consultations are free.