Aetna HIV Letter Scandal

Since the stigma of HIV still permeates within our culture, respect and privacy to those being tested for HIV, and those who have contacted the virus should be priority number one! How Aetna lost sight of this is beyond words. Here’s more about the Aetna privacy breach and what recourse you have.

Late August of this year, Aetna accidentally revealed the HIV status of thousands of its customers. By using a large envelope window in their mailings, the words “When filling prescriptions for HIV Medic …” were clearly visible. The issue being anyone who was not the intended addressee, who saw the envelope would infer that the addressee was HIV positive—violating the addresses’ privacy rights.

Aetna Privacy Breach in 2017

While Aetna apologized for the HIV letter scandal, it was not the first time that private—and very sensitive—information was shown in Aetna’s mailings through an envelope window. Aetna was sued in 2014 and 2015 for the same exact mistake and settled both cases. Now it’s happened once again in 2017.

Let us help. If you or someone you know received the Aetna HIV letter, please reach out to us now. Our consumer protection attorneys will ensure that you have a voice and discuss a potential legal recourse in the form of a class action lawsuit.