Telephone Violations lead to Multiple Investigations

October 30, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf is currently investigating potential TCPA violations made by third-party energy companies.

Potential tcpa violations

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Lawsuits are often brought against retailers, debt collectors, or telemarketers, on behalf of consumers who were harassed with illegal text messages and/or telephone calls. Numerous third-party energy companies have been alleged of engaging in automated communications with customers for purposes of marketing, customer servicing and collections. These companies violate the TCPA by making telemarketing calls using an auto dialer. Unless a consumer has provided the caller with written consent or authorization, the caller may be liable for violations of the TCPA.

KS&G is investigating many third-party energy companies, or “ESCOs”, for potential TCPA violations through phone and e-mail solicitations in an attempt to get consumers to switch from their local utility to the ESCO for energy service.

For example, we are investigating National Gas & Electric LLC for allegedly violating the TCPA, by making intrusive and unwanted calls to residents throughout the United States. Consumers claim that they received unauthorized automated marketing calls and text messages from NG&E marketing their energy services. The company is being investigated for failing to gather the necessary written consent from consumers prior to making their marketing calls. For more information on this investigation, click here.

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For additional information on TCPA lawsuits and what our consumer protection lawyers can do for you, visit our pageWe are currently investigating all companies for TCPA violations. If you or someone you know has received or is currently receiving these types of calls from any company, please contact us. All consultations are free of charge. You may be eligible to be included in a Class Action Lawsuit.

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