KS&G Investigates Columbia University for Sex Abuse Allegations

December 11, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Columbia University’s role in covering up reports of sexual abuse by staff gynecologist, Robert Hadden.

Pending Civil Suit

Earlier this month, seventeen women filed a lawsuit against Columbia University and its associated hospitals for ignoring two decades’ worth of complaints of sexual abuse by Dr. Hadden.

The plaintiffs accuse Dr. Hadden of multiple sexual offenses, including: forcible and medically unnecessary vaginal penetration; unwarranted groping of patients’ breasts; and persistent and inappropriate sexual questioning, all under the guise of performing a medical exam.

The lawsuit further alleges that Columbia University consistently ignored reports of Dr. Hadden’s misconduct, stating that several nurses present during patient exams complained about Dr. Hadden’s sexual overtures. In turn, the University ordered the nurses to “keep quiet” to protect Dr. Hadden.

It is estimated that Dr. Hadden examined over 30,000 patients during his tenure with the University.

Despite Criminal Case, Columbia University Failed to Act.

In fact, a criminal case had been filed against the doctor years before the present suit. In 2012, Dr. Hadden sexually assaulted Jane Doe #1 by orally penetrating her vagina. Jane Doe #1 immediately fled his office and reported the incident to local authorities. Despite a subsequent criminal investigation and prosecution of the doctor, the University continued to permit him to treat patients.

In 2016, Dr. Hadden plead guilty to two counts of a criminal sex act in the third degree and forcible touching. Nonetheless, Dr. Hadden never spent a day in prison. Under the terms of his plea agreement, he was required to surrender his medical license and was required to register with the state as a sex offender.

Justice for Survivors

KS&G supports and believes survivors. We take your claim seriously and we are here to listen. If you or someone you know were subjected to Dr. Hadden’s abuses and Columbia University’s failure to act, please contact Ms. Rachel Garvey, rgarvey@kohnswift.com.

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USC Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit

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