Ohio Energy Companies Scamming Customers

April 19, 2019 – KS&G is joining the investigation into two retail energy companies – Verde Energy and PALMco (d/b/a Indra Energy), both of which operate in Ohio. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is investigating hundreds of claims of deceptive marketing and misleading sales tactics that these two large energy companies currently engage in.

Lies, Robocalls, Contract Breaches, and Overcharging is just the Beginning for these Ohio Energy Companies

The PUCO has received reports from consumers claiming that Verde Energy representatives “portray themselves” as representatives from the consumer’s local utility, promising lower rates and additional savings. The PUCO alleges that these companies utilize robo-call tactics to inform consumers that they qualify for discounts on their utility bills. Furthermore, The PUCO alleges that PALMco engages in the same deceptive and misleading sales tactics by promising customers to provide them with “competitive” rates, but in reality, charging its customers quadruple the price to compare.

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Kohn, Swift & Graf has been working diligently to bring multiple class action lawsuits against these alternative energy retailers, who engage in deceptive business practices and charge “exorbitantly” high energy rates.

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