Dodge Ram Refueling Issues caused by Defect

July 19, 2019- Kohn, Swift, & Graf is investigating Dodge Ram for refueling issues on their 2015-2019 models. Consumers report the trucks are plagued by problems fueling due to a defective fuel tank filler neck that causes gas the pump nozzles to become stuck. This is unsafe, and causes refueling to take much longer than it should.

Faulty Design Leads to Unsafe Conditions

The design, has some “unexpected and unsafe” side effects. Due to the steep angle of the filler neck’s, the gas pump nozzle could become lodged in the trucks’ gas tank neck while refueling, forcing drivers to “physically wrench the gas nozzle free,” which can cause them to spill highly flammable fuel on their trucks, themselves, and the surrounding area. The faulty part can also trigger the gas pumps’ automatic shutoff when the tank is not actually full, wasting more time for the driver.

Dodge May Knowingly have Sold Models with this Defect

It is further alleged that Dodge was aware of these issues with the fueling of these specific models since 2015 and did not issue a warning or recall, furthermore they continued to market and sell trucks with this same faulty part. Many consumers feel they overpaid for their vehicles and have lost money because of the trucks’ now-diminished value, in addition to their concern for overall safety of the vehicle.

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