Impossible Burger not Possible: Burger King Customers Complain of Beef Patties

Vegetarians, vegans, and others rejoiced when Burger King announced that they would start selling Impossible Burgers – a vegetarian alternative to the traditional beef hamburger – at certain locations. However, after the recent roll out, customers started to notice something far too familiar about the product: it was made from beef.

Siri is Always Listening

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Apple Inc. for failing to disclose that their Siri Devices were recording, storing, and analyzing individuals’ conversations without their consent.

Energy Suppliers Telemarketing Complaints

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating
competitive energy suppliers for engaging in switching scams by use of “harassing and intimidating” tactics to persuade consumers to switch their energy suppliers.

Cash Advance Fees for Cryptocurrency

KS&G is investigating banks nationwide for allegedly charging credit-card customers “surprise” fees when billing their cryptocurrency purchases as cash advances.

What is CBD?

CBD has popped up in nearly everything, including bath bombs, ice cream, and even dog treats. But what is the popular product, which has been touted as a stress reliever, analgesic, and memory-enhancer?

Dodge Ram Refueling Issues caused by Defect

Kohn, Swift, & Graf is investigating Dodge Ram for refueling issues on their 2015-2019 models. Consumers report the trucks are plagued by problems fueling due to a defective fuel tank filler neck that causes gas the pump nozzles to become stuck.